Speakers at the company seminar: how to choose them?

In order to select a speaker consistent with your project, it is essential to define the objectives of your seminar beforehand. Once the purpose of the event is clearly established, you will know better which speaker to choose for your seminar to be a success.

Which speaker to choose according to the objectives of his seminar?

If you want to pass on a message to your employees, a specialized facilitator or speaker will meet your expectations.  The animation of this type of event is at the heart of its business. He therefore knows how to make his interventions dynamic and interactive to improve communication and speaking within your company. The facilitator is, moreover, able to structure your seminar and able to manage the highlights, as well as the weak times.


Your seminar can also aim to bring new skills to your employees. Learn new business techniques, learn about the economics of a particular sector or exploit all the functions of a computer tool... To discuss this type of theme, go to a specialist, expert in the field you want to address. He certainly knows his job and knows how to pass on his knowledge during a business seminar.


If you want to focus your seminar on group cohesion and corporate culture, choose a "coach" speaker, recognized for his achievements in a different sector of activity than yours. It can be a sportsman, an artist, a chef... Its notoriety will make it attractive and legitimate in the eyes of your employees. Especially since, proficient in the seminar exercise, these coaches know how to compare their experience with the current business world. They will therefore be able to provide your employees with tools and working methods that are useful on a daily basis.


What are the specificities of these stakeholders?

As you will have understood, speaker, facilitator, business specialist and coach do not perform quite the same function. To choose the one that will optimally meet the objectives of your business seminar, find out about the specificities of each.



The facilitator is ideal to offer your employees the opportunity to exchange on their professional experiences and to share them with all their colleagues. This speaker also knows how to structure the exchange and distribute speaking time.


Before the seminar, it is important to introduce him to your company and your employees, to inform him about the problems encountered and the objective. This information will allow him to prepare his intervention, in perfect adequacy with the profile of your company.  In turn, this seminar will help strengthen your corporate culture.


The host knows exactly how to capture the attention of his audience. He is not in the posture of the teacher who teaches passive students: he creates and fluidifies the exchange.  This not only avoids boredom - the worst enemy of the business seminar - but also facilitates speaking, because the facilitator, thanks to his charisma, arouses sympathy and places his audience in a climate of trust.


Business specialists

A company seminar can include training or practical workshops, with a view to developing the skills of your employees.  Choose a specialist in the field you want to tackle and make sure that their teaching offer perfectly meets the needs of your company.


In a company, skills certainly come from employees, but new issues can emerge. A deepening is then necessary to normalize knowledge within the team.  Whether they are uninitiated or knowledgeable, each of your employees can benefit from the intervention of a business specialist.


Indeed, as a recognized expert in his sector of activity, the business specialist is an authority and enjoys legitimacy in the eyes of your colleagues.  He also knows how to adapt to his audience and value each other's knowledge. This, by asking them questions or encouraging them to go further in their reflection. 



The term coach here overlaps several profiles. Your speaker at the company seminar can be a sportsman, the creator of a revolutionary application, or even an astronaut. It can also be a person with an atypical background, such as a traveler who went around the world with only a backpack and a compass. It is above all a question of presenting your employees with an inspiring personality, with a certain experience.


This type of stakeholder compares his achievements with the activities of a company. He explains his journey, the difficulties encountered and how he managed to overcome them to carry out his project. Based on a powerful experience, his speech is all the more playful as it will not only succeed in captivating the audience, but also in carrying a strong and motivating message.

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