The regenerating office

The regenerating office: a guarantee of well-being at work?

After two years of a health crisis that has transformed working methods, many employees deplore physical and moral fatigue. In this context, solutions must be found to improve the well-being of employees. This requires an internal transformation and an evolution towards a regenerating office where employees can evolve in a fulfilling environment.

Responding to the physical and moral consequences of the crisis

The regenerating office presents itself as a necessary response to the physical and moral fatigue of many employees. Indeed, according to a JLL study of  3,000 employees worldwide, 42% of them no longer feel "energized" at work. An observation highlighted by the health crisis which, for the past two years, has disrupted daily work habits.

The intensive practice of teleworking has generated physical and moral fatigue among employees, an increasing level of anxiety and a deterioration in social relations. On this point, nearly 7 out of 10 employees admit that they are unable to maintain qualitative interactions with their colleagues working from home.

For many, remote work even generates the feeling that their involvement is not recognized at its fair value. Half of the employees surveyed feel that the time and effort spent on their company over the past 18 months has not been sufficiently recognized or rewarded.

Beyond moral health, it is also the physical health of employees that is undermined. More than 6 out of 10 employees deplore the fact that they cannot find the time and energy to integrate health and well-being habits into their daily lives.

As a result of all this, 4 out of 10 employees no longer consider their company as a good place to work, and 1 in 4 employees no longer project themselves into their company within 2 years.

In this context, employers, as guarantors of employees' well-being, must take this issue to heart. The regenerating office stands out as a solution to promote quality of life at work through three pillars: mental health, physical health and the social dimension.


How to set up a regenerating office?

The regenerating office aims to create an inclusive, friendly work environment, where employees can flourish without ending their days exhausted, both physically and morally. The objective is simple: to create the conditions to promote well-being in the long term, taking into account the new reality of work dictated by the health crisis. A way to combine employee engagement and sustainable performance for the company.

But how to set up a regenerating office? It is necessary to rethink the organization of work: places, schedules, meeting areas. It is therefore necessary to question the uses of the different spaces of the company taking into account the new specificities that have appeared with the health crisis. For example, what are the places that are little or poorly used? How to adapt the spaces taking into account the traffic of employees and their attendance? It is not uncommon today to see offices deserted on some days and very busy on others.

As has been said, the regenerating office aims above all to increase well-being at work for all employees. To succeed in this transformation, it is relevant to involve employees. It is recommended to conduct a survey to understand the typical days of employees, according to their positions and responsibilities. It is also interesting to question and exchange with employees. A way to identify their working method, their way of interacting, the management of their rhythm and their energy.

This exhaustive work makes it possible to understand in a precise way the path of employees in the professional environment, their expectations and needs. All this information is needed to develop a strategy and an action plan to set up a regenerating office that promotes the well-being of employees and the company's performance.


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