Buzz: a ‘smart’ campus in Leudelange

If ever there were a development that was appropriately named it’s Buzz. This highly innovative commercial complex was designed with one key idea in mind: a “smart” campus based on well-being, communication and comfort of its occupants. 

Meet Annick de Meel, Country Manager Fidentia Luxembourg

What choices were made when it came to designing the Le Buzz project in terms of promoting the well-being of its occupants ?

Our aim was to create a ‘smart’ cam­pus where interaction and a sense of community would be encouraged both indoors and out, while at the same time offering a new approach to comfort and well-being. Buzz was therefore designed as a series of four buildings connected by footbridges. It also incorporates a restaurant and is surrounded by open spaces and nature, providing plenty of meeting places for its oc­cupants and promoting biodiversity, all in accordance with the highest of environmental standards.

Does Buzz bridge the gap between working life and a pleasant living space? How does the quality of the services available to occupants set it apart ?

Given that we work differently today than we did in the past, Buzz comprises a number of flexible, evolving and modular inte­rior and exterior spaces that adapt to occupant needs. It has been designed to go beyond traditional functionalities in that its spaces can offer a range of services (concierge services, relaxation and sports rooms, car sharing, etc.) aimed at improving occupants’ lives.

How does the design and location of Le Buzz fit into a sustainable property strategy?

This BREEAM-certified campus is the first complex in Luxembourg to be designed on the basis of the SECO Comfort standard, which prioritises acoustic, hy­grothermal and visual comfort and air quality for its occupants. Energy efficiency is monitored on a daily basis to ensure optimal performance, and energy is notably generated by photovoltaic panels. Water consumption is low, thanks to the rainwater recovery system, and soft mobility is encouraged, as the site is linked to the national network of cycle paths. There are also several railway stations, bus lines and P+R facilities located nearby, not forgetting the planned arrival of the tramway and new multimodal infrastructures in Leudelange by 2028

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