Ref. PA-10613


De Kleetlaan 7B
1831 Diegem

SizeMin. 391 m² - Max. 1,091 m²


This nice business park exists since 1999. 

Blending into the landscape, the buildings are undulating structures in a green oasis. The harmony of nature is reflected in the design of office spaces, bathing in natural light. First impressions create lasting views, so all the reception areas are designed to be warm and inviting. 

The entire park is your personal workspace, whether you are in a restaurant of going for a walk. Wi-fi connectivity throughout the Park gives you the opportunity to determine how and where you want to work. Our idea of flexible workspace challenges traditional notions of office space. 

When you step out of the office, you will be immersed in the tranquility of nature around you. Landscaped footpaths link spaces such as informal meeting places and pergolas that flow into summer green rooms. The Park is designed with nature in mind; giving you indoor and outdoor spaces to work, meet and relax. 

You spend a great part of your life at work. So, sometimes you need a place to escape to, recharge your batteries or just have a bite to eat. A neighborhood eatery offers seasonal fare, while the self-serve restaurant focuses on healthy food and even sells Starbucks coffee. You can also use the outdoor BBQ.

We offer a great support system to help people be happy and productive at work. The on-site concierge service includes laundry, hairdressers, wellness centre with a mini spa, grocery collection and a delivery collection.

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Technical description

  • Access control
  • Airconditioning
  • Carpet
  • Double glazing
  • False ceilings
  • Fire alarm system
  • Fire detection
  • HVAC: Chilled beam system
  • Interior blinds
  • Kitchenette
  • Lifts
  • Raised floor
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Location and Transport

This building is situated in the airport periphery in the city of Diegem along the Boulevard Leopold III.

The site's strategic location represents its most evident quality and its biggest potential, mainly due to its proximity to a highly performing public transport infrastructure. 

The site is served by the Diegem train station, situated on line 36 between Brussels and Leuven, the site is accessible by two trains per hour from Brussels. Brussels Airport is connected with the Diegem train station with one train per hour. In the coming years, the arrival of the new multimodal transport system will make accessibility options far more attractive - particularly in light of the crippling congestion on the Brussels ring network. In addition, the site will turn into strategic urban location between the Airport and the city centre. 

The future accessibility of the site gives a clear advantage over other competing locations, therefor it stands up as the starting point of a strong redevelopment strategy.