Ref. PA-19796


Rue Jean de Sélys-Lonchamps
4460 Grâce-Hollogne

SizeMax. 18,226 m²


Premises ideal for logistic activities. Railway connection some 700 meters away.

No obligation to rent the totality of the office space.

The landlord has planned to install solar panels. The tenant will be the first to benefit.Racking: possibly to be taken over from the previous tenant. Narrow aisles of 165 cm; Each Euro pallet beam can support 3T.

Technical description

  • Concrete frame
  • Divisible
  • Entrance for lorries : 1/10.000 m²
  • Entrance for lorries (TIR) : 2
  • Exterior lighting
  • Floorloading : 5.000 kg/m²
  • Gas central heating
  • Gas hot air heaters
  • Loading bays : 1/1.000 m²
  • Loading docks : 1/800 m²
  • Span : 12m x 24m
  • Sprinklers
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Location and Transport

EUREGIO LOGISTICS is well located in the industrial zone of Bierset in the direct neighbourhood of a vast network of motorways, connecting Liège with Brussels (E40), Maastricht (E25), Luxembourg (E25) and Namur (E42) - Antwerp (E313) and at 1 km from the airport of Bierset.

The site is just 700 m from a multimodal "road - rail" platform.

Neighbours are: DHL, Jost, Premier Farnell, PFSweb, Sud-Fresh.