Find the right balance between location, height, and area for your future logistics setup

Warehouse for sale - Find the right balance between location, height, and area for your future logistics setup

Determining the ideal location for a logistics setup requires considering a multitude of criteria. Internal and external constraints, territorial potential, and nature of the activity - all factors to be taken into consideration before establishing a logistics platform.

When looking to acquire a warehouse, choosing a logistics setup based on your needs is crucial. In the case of searching for a warehouse for sale in Brussels, Liège, Antwerp, Ghent, or Hainaut, this process requires considering several criteria to find the best logistics setup and meet different constraints. The goal is to find a site that is operational, practical, aligned with the tasks to be performed, and offers an ideal location for both internal and external stakeholders.


Logistics encompasses functions and roles that are often separate from the core activities of companies. Most of the time, companies choose to outsource this activity to a single platform where goods are received, delivered, and stored. Sometimes, labeling, packaging, conditioning, or assembly are also performed at these platforms. In the age of widespread computerization, precise management of goods requires access to a high-speed telecommunication network. This is a crucial criterion to be considered when choosing a logistics setup.


Another fundamental criterion is compliance with current standards and their evolving nature in an increasingly demanding regulatory environment. Storage rules are becoming stricter, even for "standard" products. The configuration of the logistics platform should allow for adaptation to potential changes.


Finding the right balance between the height and area of your warehouse

The trend in the logistics sector is toward a large area with low height to facilitate internal circulation. However, acquiring a warehouse with significant under-beam height can be a good idea to reduce your rental costs if you can effectively utilize the space and if it has racks for storing your goods.


Similar criteria for most activities

According to certain studies, companies prioritize four criteria when initiating the process of acquiring a warehouse: 

1. Geographic location :

This refers to the site's position relative to economic zones of production, delivery, and consumption. It primarily involves major urban regions that allow for covering a dense market area.


2. Customer demand that requires a specific location from the provider.

The warehouse's location must meet the need for proximity to the market and the customer base.

 3. Proximity to industrial and distribution areas

To attract potential clients who may consider outsourcing their logistics operations. Major urban and metropolitan areas are favored.


4. Company history

Often defined, in part, by a regional or territorial presence over time, market knowledge, and understanding of key players.


Have you made progress in your search?

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