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Office and retail space letting in the Cloche d'Or district

The Cloche d’Or is brand new district that offers incredible opportunities for businesses wishing to set up in the city of Luxembourg. Shops are not left out either This urban area is expanding. Residential, modern buildings, well thought-out office spaces and a wide range of retail space offer a pleasant environment in which to be, work, shop and live. 

The Cloche d'Or is a mixed district, currently evolving. Between now and 2035, no less than 45,000 residents, workers and students are expected in the district. The leisure spaces and retail spaces close to work areas offer a pleasant environment for workers. 

If you’re looking to rent office space in Luxembourg or rent a retail space, come and check out our properties now. They have proven very popular, in a district to the south of the city that is enjoying significant growth. 

Retail or office space for rent in the city in a green, sustainable district – it IS possible

The Cloche d’Or has been designed with a view to allow nature and green spaces to remain a prominent feature. Building a concrete district was out of the question. The objective is to offer residents, workers and visitors a pleasant environment, with leafy squares, landscaped boulevards and a large park. 
If you rent an office in Cloche d’Or, you can enjoy delightful strolls in the open air in the green spaces close to your place of work. What’s more, you can take in the view overlooking the natural surroundings from your office that will make your work all the more pleasurable. 

Sustainability has also been a central concern from the start of the design phase for this new quarter. Active mobility has been emphasised in the design of the area. 
Well-designed cycle paths, along with bike garages within the buildings, as well as electric charging points in each underground car park, both public and private, all contribute to facilitating sustainable behaviours. 
If your employees or clients like to travel by bike or electric vehicle, the public road planning is ideal for that. 

Moreover, the Cloche d'Or quarter is easily accessible by public transport. Howald station is located close to the offices, shops and residential dwellings in the district. The tramway also forms part of the new public transportation serving the area and facilitates quick and easy transport to the centre of the capital. 

Numerous advantages of renting space at Cloche d’Or: 

Popular with businesses and shops, Luxembourg-City presents a brand-new district, ideally located for Luxembourg-based and international businesses and companies. Re-locate to this quarter and enjoy numerous benefits. 

The convenient location of Cloche d’Or

Workers enjoy an ideal location, close to the centre of Luxembourg capital. Very well served by public transport, your workers will have easy access to their new workplace. For those workers living a bit further out than the Luxembourg capital, the A6, A1 and A3 motorways are accessible via La Croix de Gasperich allowing for easy connections to the surrounding towns in the north and south of Luxembourg. This also facilitates the journeys of many cross-border workers from Belgium, Germany and France. 

Similarly, clients can easily visit this commercial area from the south of the city using public transport and thereby access a wide range of retail stores. The city also attracts many international clients, only needing to travel a few kilometres from the motorway over the border to make the most of the capital and its flourishing businesses. 

The wide range of shops attracts and entertains.

The district benefits from a great many shops and services. The large Cloche d’Or shopping centre located in the south of Luxembourg-City opened its doors in 2019. There are many shops and restaurants to visit in the Cloche d’Or quarter and in the largest shopping centre in Luxembourg. Opening a store in this area will guarantee you visibility and a continuous stream of potential clients, attracted to the variety of retail outlets. 

A green quarter that breathes well-being

Working in a green district is enjoyable and allows employees to get some fresh air and reset in a healthy environment. The green spaces along the Drosbech and the wide tree-lined boulevards, give the quarter a unique feel, sure to be appreciated by your staff and clientele alike.
Being able to go shopping in a pleasant environment remains a priority. By opting to rent retail space in the Cloche d’Or quarter, you will be in the ideal environment to ensure to customers’ satisfaction. 

A part-residential district

Many homes have been built in recent years in the Cloche d’Or quarter. Some workers prefer to live in the same town or near to their workplace. In this way, they avoid the sometimes arduous commuting journey between home and their place of work. Here, they will have the opportunity to find a new home thanks to the wide range of accommodation available in the district. 

These residents will also be able to enjoy the retail offer of the nearby stores. By establishing your business close to these new residential dwellings means your business, your services and your expertise will become a trusted brand. 

Buildings with excellent energy ratings 

The office spaces have been established within buildings with excellent energy ratings, certified by BREEAM or DNGB. This is something you can do to contribute to environment and real estate setting of your company.

Several office buildings and retail spaces are available to rent: come and explore the properties. 

Have you decided to look for offices to rent, or to rent a retail space in the Cloche D’Or district?
Consult our list of offices currently available to rent in Luxembourg and the Cloche d’Or.

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