Ref. PA-17388

Rue de la Régence 31

7130 Binche

SizeMax. 2,480 m²


This former office building measures 2.816m² including 2.480m² of offices and 336m² of archives underground. It is currently empty. The parcel has a capacity of 1.287m².

A new residential permit was obtained in June 2018 allowing to renovate the current building into several apartments and to build a new residential building.

Here are the new potential sizes:

Existing building (12 apartments): 1.527,79 m² gross above ground (excluding common areas and car parks)

New building on the corner (8 apartments): 744,2 m² gross

3 new houses: 177,7 m² gross, 172,74 m² gross and 178,68 m² gross (excluding garden/terrace)

Sides: 769,7 m² (7.967,7 sq. ft.)

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Location and Transport

The property is located Rue de la Régence 31 in the commune of Binche. It also has 18 outdoor parking spaces.
The new residential building will be located at the corner of Rue de la Régence and Rue des Archers as well as 3 houses on the side Rue Bard between numbers 48-50.