Ref. PA-18736


Grote Steenweg 214
2600 Berchem

SizeMin. 399 m² - Max. 3.965 m²


This modern office building is located in an excellent high-profile location along the Grote Steenweg. The ground floor features a common reception area and an inviting lounge with coffee corner.

Furthermore, the office building offers facilities including a fully renovated restaurant, spacious meeting rooms, yoga/relaxation room, showers, lockers and so on.

The office units, on the other hand, have plenty of light and are further equipped with modern technology including a cooling ceiling, raised floor, blinds and so on.

On the 2nd floor, there is a furnished space of +/- 1,140m². Taking over (part of) the furniture is negotiable.

Distinguishing characteristics

  • Spacious shelves with lots of light
  • Raised floor, cooling ceiling, double glazing, reception with access control, interior blinds
  • External meeting rooms
  • Renewed common facilities: company restaurant, bicycle storage with showers & lockers, multipurpose relaxation area
  • Mobility hub
  • Parking ratio: 1PL/60 sqm

Technical description

  • Access control
  • Airconditioning
  • Badge/Code
  • Cold ceilings
  • Double glazing
  • Interior blinds
  • Raised floor
  • Reception desk
  • Shower(s)
  • TL-lights
  • Video-phone system

Location and Transport

  • Excellent accessibility by car & public transport
  • Parking ratio: 1PL/60 sqm
  • Underground/above-ground bicycle parking available