Ref. PA-19783


Verenigde Natieslaan 1
9000 Gent

SizeMax. 928 m²


High-quality and sustainable new office building located along the Ghent Water Sports Course, where simplicity and ingenious techniques go hand in hand. The state-of-the-art office building was designed by Arch & Teco Architecture and Planning. During the design phase, the aim was always to integrate the building into the historical and modernist context of the Watersportbaan, while at the same time ensuring a connection to the urban fabric in the vicinity.

Thanks to its many facilities and exceptional location, "Natie" is a unique product on the Ghent office market. It is also distinguished by the great attention paid to energy efficiency. Thus, the most energetic and economical façade design was preferred and various measures were taken during construction to improve the ecological value of the site, including in terms of transport.

The building was designed according to an L-shaped projection, with the north-east and -west facades having a contrasting appearance, compared to the south-east and west facades. Arch & Teco explains: "The difference in design should ensure the south-facing façade areas have sun protection, while the view of the Water Sports Course is safeguarded." The L-shaped projection also ensures high flexibility in terms of layout, which translates positively to users.
Specific characteristics- Passive office building with BREEAM certificate (initial evaluation "Very Good" in design phase)- Concrete core activation system- Possibility to take over fittings, furniture and cabling.
- Possibility to use restaurant if gross floor area of offices is increased: 1,062 sqm- Extra services in the building       - Shower rooms       - Bicycle shed with charging points       - Electric charging points       - Reception, reception areas       - Conference center       - Restaurant       - Lockers.

Location and Transport

Mobility - 10 parking spaces of which 4 underground and 6 above ground- Parking spaces for motorbikes- Parking spaces for bicycles