Ref. PA-19188

Avenue de l'Energie 22

4432 Alleur

SizeMin. 335 m² - Max. 1,664 m²


The business park will consist of 8 high-quality units that will be shell delivered. The units will be built in accordance with current EPB regulations. Units 1 to 7 form 1 commercial building and are separated by insulated walls.

Unit 8 is completely free-standing. 

Built-in office, showroom or mezzanine is possible. Each hall has reserved parking spaces. Sewerage connection is provided for each unit.Electricity, telephone cable and city water supply lines will be installed in each unit. For these installations, a lump sum of 7.500 €/hall will be charged in addition to the purchase price. If two units are bought and they are joined together, the cost is charged only once. If they are not joined, the cost will be charged twice.
The connection for the standard distributor power is 25 kVA per hall. The connection costs and the electricity and water works are not included in the purchase price and are to be borne entirely by the purchaser.
The frame of the buildings consists of a concrete or steel structure. The external walls of halls 1, 2 and 8 will be made of sandwich panels  (10 cm thick insulating panel with steel sheet exterior finish).The exterior walls of halls 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 will be constructed of large format pre-fabricated concrete insulated panels with a thickness of 25 cm. 
If, at the request of the purchasers, changes are made to the façades or other elements, these will always be carried out under the coordination of the developer and the architect and will be carried out by contractors appointed solely by the developer. The purchaser is free to choose the contractor(s) for the work carried out within his unit. Changes to the units can only be requested with the prior approval of the candidate by the SPI and only after the signing of the purchase agreement and this before the end of May 2023. In this case, the additional costs will be passed on to the candidate.
Smoke domes, fire detection, powder extinguishers and fire hoses, including hoses, as well as any other items required by the fire brigade, are not included and must be provided by the purchaser.
Two entrances and exits ensure smooth circulation in the park (avenue de l'Energie et avenue de l'Informatique). In addition, two loading and unloading zones will be provided for trucks.
In areas where the purchaser wishes to have a possible floor, additional elements can be provided on request (in the case of off-plan purchases).
Optional heating: heat pumps / solar panels.

Completion scheduled for Q1 2024.
Technical specifications: on request.

Technical description

  • Breeze blocks outside walls : Unit(é)s 3-4-5-6-7
  • Clear height : 7,40 m (Unit(é)s 1-2-3)
  • Clear height : 5,90 m (Unit(é)s 4 -> 8)
  • Concrete polished floor
  • Construction date : 2023
  • Electrical entrance for lorries : 4,00 x 4,20 m : 1/unit(é)
  • Electricity supply : 25 kVA
  • Insulated roof : PUR 100 mm
  • Metallic sandwich panels : Unit(é)s 1-2-8
  • Sewerage connection
  • Skylights
  • Steeldeck

Location and Transport

The site has a prime location along the E40 motorway, exit 32 'Alleur'. It is also easily accessible via the E25 and E42 motorways. Located some 10 minutes from the centre of Liège.
Ideally located in the Liège region within the economic activity park of Alleur, near Makro, Mercedes-Benz dealer, Facq centre, McDonald's, Van Marcke Technics, Carglass, Decathlon, Aldi, Shopping Cora Rocourt, BricoPlanit ...