Ref. PA-07878


Luchthavenlaan 25
1800 Vilvoorde

SizeMin. 51 m² - Max. 1,950 m²


Here is a building that offers beautiful office space in the pleasant Parc Horizon. Undivided spaces will offer you a pleasant working environment. This one has a total of +/- 1.702m² of renovated offices equipped with a new VRV system.

Technical description

  • Archives : 52,50 €/m²
  • Park.Ext: 500 €/pl
  • Ratio parking (renewed environmental permit) : 1/38

Location and Transport

Located in the district around the airport, in the municipality of Vilvoorde, it is more precisely located at the corner of the Luchtavenlaan and rue Levis. 

The offices in the North-East periphery are mainly located in the municipalities of Zaventem, Machelen, Vilvoorde and Sint Stevens-Woluwe. They benefit from the proximity of Brussels Airport, the Brussels Ring Road, an extensive green environment and lower property taxes applicable in the Flemish Region.
Originally, the area attracted small and medium-sized companies in the technology and business services sector. Although this is still the case, the recent addition of large office buildings in the Brussels Airport terminal area has attracted large multinationals from different sectors.

The airport sub-district benefits from excellent national and international travel connections, shopping malls and hotels, as well as future expansion possibilities on the site.